HEICO-LOCK® Combi-Washers

HEICO-LOCK® Kombi-Scheiben

The efficient combined securing system for highly loaded bolted connections.

HEICO-LOCK® combi-washers enable quick and easy assembly, especially in difficult installation situations. Combine the simple to use HEICO-LOCK® combi-washers with all commercially available bolts provided by your suppliers, quickly and easily.


  • Easy mounting and permanent connection thanks to the inset tabs
  • Can be combined with all commercially available bolts
  • Also available in small purchase quantities
  • Flexible use for various different types of bolts
  • Permanent securing and correct positioning of HEICO-LOCK® wedge lock washers
  • Can be re-used several times
  • Cost savings through increased productivity
  • Available in steel or stainless steel with narrower and wider contact areas
  • Available from M8 to M16
  • Can be supplied completely pre-assembled on request



HEICO-LOCK® Kombi-Scheiben

We supply HEICO-LOCK® combi-washers to meet your requirements. Fit HEICO-LOCK® combi-washers to your own existing bolts, quickly and easily. You can choose to carry out this step yourself or we can supply you with pre-assembled bolts ready to use.

HEICO-LOCK® combi-washers fit all commercially available bolts, giving you a decisive advantage as the combi product enables you to optimise your purchases through space-saving storage. Benefit from our short delivery times and attractive small purchase quantities too.








product overview

Item No.
Stainless Steel*
Item No.
Box Qty
8 HKS-8 HKS-8S 13,5 200
8 HKB-8 HKB-8S 16,6 200
10 HKS-10 HKS-10S 16,6 200
10 HKB-10 HKB-10S 21,0 200
12 HKS-12 HKS-12S 19,5 200
12 HKB-12 HKB-12S 25,4 100
16 HKS-16 HKS-16S 25,4 100
16 HKB-16 HKB-16S 30,7 100

* Steel un-alloyed, Stainless Steel A4
Non-standard sizes and special materials upon request